A little anecdote about myself.
I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (an autoimmune disorder) at age 20 after years of suffering (and not even realizing it at the time). When I finally got the courage to tell the doctors about the very few, what I thought were insignificant, symptoms the disease was already considered to be in a severe stage. I took ASA's, steroids, and all that other pharmaceutical junk that does not work. Even before my official diagnosis, when I was waiting for the test results, I started doing intense research about what was wrong with me. I quickly found out that no one truly knows the cause of auto-immune disorders, like Crohn's. It only seemed to make sense to me then, if you don't know the cause how can you treat the disease? Reality check: medications for autoimmune disorders treat only the symptoms and what doctors think causes the problems (which there is so much conflicting evidence it's hardly a surprise that the percentage of people who actually get better off of these medicines is nearly null). Still being flabbergasted that I was then a "sick" person, I took the prescribed pills for a few weeks and only got more and more sick. Once I read the reviews about Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and story after story about how the specific carbohydrate diet had seemingly cured many once terminally sick people I knew I had no logical choice but to try this diet. I struggled at first, since I believe that bread and pasta were my first loves, but sacrificing foods eventually became easier as I started to slowly feel better. I have not looked back since. I no longer refer to myself as being on a diet. We are all on diets, by definition a diet is what a being eats to sustain life. But changing what I eat and how I view my health has become my life. Daily, I do research on health and wellness and I blog as a way to pay it forward.
Why Salted Paleo?
Because salt is important in our cells absorbing the proper nutrients we ingest, without it, simply put, the consequences are bad. I also am not a paleo extremest. I started out on the specific carbohydrate diet and continue to incorporate some of those foods, like select dairy, in my diet that some paleo police would perhaps not appreciate. But that is what works for me, so that's what I do. I also love my beach life. I seem to always be salty from the crystal clear Gulf and believe that the sun and sea have helped immensely in my healing and happiness.

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  1. Was recently diagnosed with Crohn's myself at the age of 30. I had what seemed to be mild symptoms to me but was told the inflammation showed me to be very diseased. Doctor gave me the choice of Humira or Remicaid. I chose SCD. Finding your site has been a blessing! Although I'm working through SCDlifestyle's phases and can't eat much of anything yet (Day 11), your recipes get me excited for what I can eat as I go along! Saving for a Vitamix and when it's time, you're my gal! Thanks again for all your hard work on this great site!

    1. It sounds like we have a very similar story. Hang in there- it gets easier and the results make it all worth it. Keep in touch :)

  2. heavenly blessed beauty

  3. Hi Jadah,

    Thanks for this great site and all the wonderful recipes!

    I was wondering if you continued with the meds until you were feeling better, or if you stopped them and then started the SCD? I was recently diagnosed and have been following SCD only for about 2 months, with no meds, for the same reasons that you mention above, and I have seen some improvement, but not tons, and I keep wondering if I need to take the meds temporarily to give my body a kick start. The problem is, I am NOT a medicine person. It's rare that I even take an aspirin.

    1. Donna,
      I'm sorry for the late response, I have been out of the country. Please note (and legally I need to say this) I am not a doctor, please consult your own before making any changes- this is just my personal experience.
      To answer your question- I started SCD and continued to take some of my medicine prescribed by my gastroenterologist. In particular, one that I thought I really needed. It took a few months, but I phased it out on my own to see if I would notice a difference. Turns out, I don't think I could tell if I was taking it or not and that prescription alone was about $300+. I then realized very quickly that I needed some kind of supplementation though, as I felt SCD wasn't enough. I found a naturopathic doctor that specialized in digestive issues and he gave me some supplements that I feel were very important in my healing process... I hope this helps!

  4. Thank you so much for this website Jadah!!!....I was diagnosed with colitis for the past few years...my symptoms weren't even that severe....but because I was not officially in remission with the milder drugs I was prescribed, my GI wanted me to try the toxic drug 6mp, I decided first to see what I could do on my own to help heal myself...there is so much support out here online for the SCD diet, Facebook also has a great page for SCD followers....it feels wonderful not to be doing this alone...I will be bookmarking your site and trying out your recipes...again, thanks so much for paying it forward!!! You really are helping to change lives!