Friday, June 20, 2014

The Tao of Paleo Book Review

The Tao of Paleo
By Jason Goldberg and Joe Salama
Buy it here. 1/3 of profits to charity (The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund)

Let me start off by stating that you have never read another book like this.

First of all, being a Paleo themed book makes it one of a select few and, in my opinion, inevitably astronomically better than other diet related books. With Paleo being the top Google searched diet of 2013, the Paleo-sphere of people is a growing number. There needs to be a go-to book to refer family and friends to, who show interest in the diet and lifestyle but who also need each aspect of Paleo broken down into Laymen's terms and presented in a non-imposing manner. This is that golden book. I have found myself personally referring to The Tao of Paleo when friends ask me about starting Paleo and will continue to do so. It’s like a start-up manual to improving life, beginning with diet and exercise. Seriously, The Tao of Paleo is a great resource to the Paleo community.

One differentiating dimension of The Tao of Paleo is that it's like reading a transcript of your favorite talk show hosts bantering back and forth, including guests appearances that address all of the aspects of what being a Paleo person is all about. I have never laughed out loud from reading a book so much before. Jason Goldberg and Joe Salama are two guys who you want to know better, trust me; reading Tao gives you a glimpse into their truly outstanding personalities that embody the Paleo movement and show what genuine people in the Paleo community are truly like.

All humor and consideration aside, The Tao of Paleo is undeniably informative. Each chapter breaks down the subjects that we all stumble across when starting a real food lifestyle and unveil what changes are necessary to be made and exactly why. After all, Paleo is not just about abstaining from grain and eating grass-fed meat. From foods to aviod, to sleep, to play, to exercise, to supplementation, and all of the in-between, the topics are covered in an easy to understand manner. The facts are not preachy and the wit is sharp. This book perfectly balances entertainment with being informational. Even for people who do not enjoy reading, The Tao of Paleo is an easy read.

Understanding is a big factor in motivation, so perhaps if you are having trouble to sticking with a Paleo outline, reading this book may help you to get your feet better grounded for the long haul. Both people who have been involved in this movement for years, like myself, and those who are just learning about what Paleo is can enjoy reading through The Tao of Paleo. I recommend it as a gift, a personal read, and a coffee table conversation piece.

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