Saturday, June 7, 2014

Caveman Doctor: Salt

I ran across this article about salt, and well, in case you didn't notice, I kind of have an affinity for the stuff. It really irritates me when I hear people make negative comments about eating "too much salt" or that they're eating "healthier" because they are reducing their salt intake. Read over this for a more accurate perspective:

"Should we eat less salt?  Maybe if we are on the standard American high-carbohydrate diet.  But even then it likely doesn’t matter.  If we are following a healthy low-carbohydrate diet that favors nutrient and calorically-dense foods, we not only may want to avoid limiting our salt, but actually increase our salt intake, especially around workout time.  Also, once again we find that factory produced and processed foods pale in comparison to that with which Nature provides.  Salt in its natural form provides a significant amount of minerals and has been shown to provide many health benefits.  To purposely reduce it would be going against Nature’s design."

Read the whole article here, it's worth your time.

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And here's the salt my naturopathic doctor recommends and what I personally eat: Celtic Sea Salt

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