Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Third Crohn's-iversary!

This is overdue by at least a month.

In the big picture of time three years seems like just a drop in the bucket but it's amazing how much can truly change in a single year, let alone three. So to recap, back in April of 2011 is when I started SCD/Paleo, after being diagnosed in February of the same year. Those few events completely changed my life in a way I never expected. There's the obvious; my food palate was reduced, although I feel like the flavors I appreciate expanded. But the soul that was for so long deeply covered under layers of emotional and miscellaneous impediments, emerged from within myself and I have since discovered how strong I am on many levels. Had I not gotten sick and had to change my way of life completely in order to better myself, I may have never discovered that ability.

Lately in my life, I've been busy with so many things- work, relationships, work, friendships, more work, and just trying to enjoy life (which is worth making time for) I've been neglecting my little blog more than I should. Sometimes I feel guilty about it. Talking with a friend about Salted Paleo actually made me recount this. It seems I've had a couple of conversations about this subject recently, perhaps for a reason. Then as I finally checked my email I found multiple people asking me for help in their journey back to health. Me. For help. To not be sick anymore.... I am letting it sink it as I type the words. I am not a doctor. I don't even have a degree. I can barely pronounce the word "gastrointestinal." But people want advice from me. And I'm not saying this in a conceited way, for what I know they are searching for are not solutions from me personally- but merely from someone who has experienced their own struggle before and who may provide the simple answers they need. Which brings me back to my original thought. I started this blog because I couldn't get solutions from doctors. The ones with degrees. The ones who can pronounce, define, and diagnose many words that I won't even fathom typing. The ones who millions of people turn to for advice- but end up disappointed. So, in 2014, we all turn to the Internet for answers to questions that no one else can solve or that we are too embarrass to ask out loud. And the Internet is powered by people. People with stories, experiences, and suggestions. Without those people, who I still rely on as well, the Internet is an empty glowing screen. So if in any small way I can contribute to that web of information then I feel like it's my duty to do so. I used to cling to it's silks for my health, now I can help spin the strings of hope. This is a privilege you grant me. So thank you, the reader.

Just as disease crosses racial, ethnic, and all other barriers, so does food. Food is an extension of love and a source of happiness. People love to eat but what I wish most of all is for people to realize that food is powerful enough to hurt and heal. I am pleased with the awareness of recent "trend diets" such as Paleo and gluten-free but to label them as a trend would be faulty since these are going to be long-lasting, life changing implementations for most. There is still work to do in spreading the word about real food and it's ability to change lives, one step at a time more and more people are discovering the truth. The reality is that each of us has the ability to help others come to this realization and it starts with our own actions and words, however big or small.

I apologize for not keeping up blogging like I intend to (ideally would be a new post daily) but to be honest I've been feeling so healthy, I sometimes forget that I used to be sick. I never thought I would be able to say that but it's true. Paleo/SCD helped me so much that I cannot recollect how much pain and agony I used to be in. Truly a miracle, no one will ever convince me differently. The best part is that Paleo can work for almost anyone who can put their minds to something and stick to it. I have zero desire to return to my old lifestyle which included way too much fast food, sedentary habits, and emphasis on what other people thought.

So, thank you for checking in when I do post, you truly do not understand the capacity in which you all affect me (only for the better.) Please be patient. Be kind to everyone. Please, keep the emails coming- I promise to reply. But most of all, keep pressing forward in your journey to a better self. I am right there with you.

Happy First Crohn's-iversary
Happy Second Crohn's-iversary

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