Monday, March 31, 2014

Carrot Grapefruit Smoothie (scd, paleo)

As the weather gets warmer I always look forward to summertime smoothies. I felt ├╝ber lazy the other day and actually went to a smoothie shop and customized a somewhat Paleo-friendly version of a smoothie. It cost $8 and I could tell their juices were from concentrate, i.e. a box. Blah. I'll take a homemade version of any meal, anytime. Try this smoothie recipe if you are a fan of grapefruit. It's a little tangy but very refreshing.


3/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice
1/2 apple
4 mini carrots*
1 large medjool date (pitted)
1 1/2 cups ice


Throw all of the ingredients in a high speed blender, like Vitamix (putting the ice in last.)
Blend on high for about two minutes, or until completely smooth and four mounds form on top of the blender.

*mini carrots are very small adult carrots (not the traditional "baby carrots" found in most grocery stores, 4 would be equivalent to about one large regular carrot)

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  1. Is there something wrong with baby carrots?