Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vitamix November Sell Out

Like all things in life- you get what you pay for. High quality products tend to be investment pieces but if they last for a lifetime in the long run the price is worth the sacrifice. This can be said of a Vitamix. It is expensive from the perspective of most people, but consider the outstanding reputation of the Vitamix brand and how long their blenders are known to last. Many machines have been passed down through generations within a family. Days upon months upon years of use- think of all the smoothies, made within a, say, forty year lifespan. It's like buying a pair of shoes. Take the price and divide it by the number of times you will wear/use them. $200? Wear them ten times- it's like paying $20. Do that with a blender and I think each use probably adds up to mere pennies. I'm not trying to pressure anyone into buying anything, but I hear quite often about how people are on the fence, so to speak, about investing in a kitchen appliance such as Vitamix. These people often either end up buying a cheaper, inferior product only to never use it because it does not perform as they were thinking it would, or they contemplate this decision for literally years wavering back and forth. In both cases time and money are wasted. I am all about making a solid wise decision, sticking to it, and reaping the benefits. So, why buy a Vitamix in the month of November? Enter the sales figures:
November is Recon Month at Vitamix and they have reduced the price on all certified reconditioned Vitamix machines. Through 12/2 they have dropped the price by up to $30 which is great news.

This is a great opportunity to treat yourself to that Vitamix you have been eying for so long. It's also the 2013 holiday season- never to early to start buying gifts and who of your family or friends would not appreciate having such a useful tool in the kitchen? Don't be wary of the "reconditioned" label. It just means you are getting one heck of a deal. I personally bought my Vitamix as a recon and I have absolutely no complaints. Reconditioned machines are ones that were used either in-store demos or were returned during the 30-day money-back guarantee period (which, yes, every machine comes with). These recons still come with a brand new container, tamper, instructional DVD, and recipe book, as well as the awesome 5 year factory warranty. So not only are you getting a discount because it's a reconditioned machine, during November you can get an additional price drop. Click any of my banners to be taken to the Vitamix website to purchase. And be sure to enter code 06-006499 at checkout for free ground shipping.
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