Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book Review: Beyond Bacon

I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Beyond Bacon written by none other than the Paleo Parents themselves, Stacy Tooth and Matthew McCarry. The beauty of the book itself is apparent when you pick it up in your hands and feel the solid, smooth pages that are artistically formatted for optimal browsing pleasure. The cover design is gorgeous and the narratives at the beginning of the book are so inviting. But the value is beyond aesthetic. I will admit, I have never been the biggest fan of eating pork. Pigs are cute and adorable, but I've always kind of avoided "the other white meat" in the kitchen. So as I was reading through the cookbook I surprised myself at how excited I became to make pig lard and other various pork-based dishes. The gorgeous photography and informational reading sections really can move a reader to love the idea of making all things pork and appreciate sustainable farming.

While I did not get around to making all of the recipes (yet), I tried a few of my favorite. The perfect pork chops (pictured above) turned out just as described- perfect. I never knew making chops was so easy but it turns out they are simple and not intimidating to make at all. I also made the 50/50 burgers take II which were a nice variation on the traditional burger that we all turn to making when we need a last-minute meal. One of my creatively favorite recipes from Beyond Bacon are the "corn" dogs. They are both adorable and delicious. And then, as pictured below, is the now classic bacon chicken. My favorite part of that dish, surprisingly, is the cabbage that makes a bed for the chicken. The leaves soak up the chicken juices along with the bacon drippings for a flavor that is an absolute must to taste. A few recipes I plan on making very soon from the book: sweet & sour pork, curried cracklins (if I can ever find somewhere to buy pork skins in my area), savory bacon jam, and apple ginger tenderloin.

Stacy and Matt have helped so many people on their journeys to health, including their own children; I can only aspire to be like them as I grow into my own Paleo mold. If you are looking for a great cookbook, an informative read, or a gift for the pork lover in your family I definitely would recommend Beyond Bacon.

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