Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paleo Breakfast Grits

I am starting the Whole30 program today. I am definitely excited more than anything but to look back on my eating habits, it's scary to realize how far I have come and how much I have changed as a person, even, and now to completely cut out added sugars and yogurt (oh, my precious yogurt!) is something I never thought would be possible. Added honey and baked almond/coconut flour desserts were a staple of my diet throughout the first year I was on scd. I used them as a crutch because my mind wasn't disciplined enough to completely eliminate these things. So it was either eat an almond flour cookie and be okay or an entire bag of M&M's and be super sick. I chose the cookie with no regrets. Those foods have their place, I agree, but after two years I really feel that it's unnecessary for me to eat those paleo sweet treats on any kind of a regular basis. Not to completely eliminate all desserts for forever, and honestly those are the most popular recipes on the blog, so of course I will continue to make them, but I honestly rarely pull the ol' bakeware out of my kitchen cabinets just to have something to eat. I feel like committing to the Whole30 will only further mature my views on food and it's role in my life. Food is fuel, not a friend.

With that being said, these breakfast grits are my new fav. I may just eat this every morning for the next month...or year, whatever. It's really only three ingredients cooked in one pan with some spices. Easy-peasy. I hope you love it.


1 package bacon, cut width-wise into thin strips
1 large head cauliflower, riced (to be more "grits-like" rice for just a few seconds longer for smaller pieces)
5 eggs, scrambled in a bowl
black pepper, dill, salt to taste


Fry bacon until crisp over medium-high heat. Push crisped bacon to one side of pan, add eggs, and scramble quickly (click for pic).* Add cauliflower rice, stir/fold in with eggs and bacon, cover with a lid, and let cook for about 6 minutes, stirring to ensure all of the cauliflower gets cooked. Add spices to taste and enjoy!

*(If the amount of bacon grease in the pan frightens you, discard some of the grease- but not all - before adding the eggs and then continue with the recipe.)


  1. So glad I found your page on FB! I am on day 11 of the WF30 and it's rocking my world! Love it and I don't think my refrigerator has EVER contained as many beautiful whole foods in my life. My kitchen has become a sea of beautiful baskets with fresh produce, like I'm in the middle of a market. Even though WF30 recommends bacon only as a condiment, I've been looking for a decent version of bacon locally, to no avail. May have to break down and order some online. Best of luck in your healthy adventure.

    1. Christy, Thank you for your kind wishes. As far as the bacon goes, check your local supermarkets for low-sodium bacon, read the ingredients. Often they don't add sugar as well as salt to these kinds. I hope the rest of your Whole30 goes well! Take care.