Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Organics, Explained.

So the other day someone asked me if produce is organic, does that automatically mean it is non-GMO. Simple enough question, right? But honestly I was not sure how to answer. I knew that the USDA's organic labeling system is less than ideal compared to what most of us would like to believe "organic" foods truly are. At the same time, I couldn't recall the specifics of exactly what could qualify to have that organic label on it. The word organic has become such a marketing ploy it is hard to distinguish what is really meant by it.

Then, I stumbled upon the below article from Girl Meets Nourishment where she lays everything out on the table that there is to know about organics in the United States. I found this article particularly interesting, and I wanted to share this to all of my readers, not just the followers on Facebook. Click the link below to read her article. There was no way I could relay the information any better than she has it formatted:

Girl Meets Nourishment: What's the Deal With the Organic Seal?

Hope you find this as helpful as I.

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