Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raw Chocolate Sunflower Seed Fudge (scd, paleo, VITAMIX)

In case you don't have sunflower seed butter already in your pantry it's very easy to make- the same way as this almond butter recipe except with sunflower seeds. Or any nut butter can easily be substituted in this fudge recipe. Not only is this paleo-friendly fudge guilt-free, I dare say it's rather healthy. It provides all the countless benefits of eating coconut oil and sunflower seeds are a great source of Vitamin E, among other things, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.


1/2 cup sunflower seed butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup honey
1/2 ripe banana, mashed
1/4 cup cacao nibs (omit for scd*)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cloves
1 tsp vanilla extract

Place all of the ingredients in a small sauce pan. Stir over medium heat until the coconut oil is completely melted. Once ingredients are well combined transfer to Vitamix (or food processor) and turn to variable speed 6 for about 15 seconds, until cacao nibs turn to small bits and the batter is free flowing through the blades. Then transfer to a small dish of your choice and refrigerate to keep it solid. Enjoy!

As always, If you do not have a Vitamix I highly recommend purchasing one. They are an investment but you will more than get your "monies worth" out of it. I use mine almost daily for making nut butters, coconut milk, smoothies, and soups. As always, you can enjoy FREE GROUND SHIPPING with the use of my code at checkout: 06-006499 or this will also give you $25 off priority shipping at Or just click one of my Vitamix banners.


  1. I made this with peanut butter and chocolate chips instead of cacao nibs (are those sold at regular stores? I've never seen them!) It was SOOOOOO delicious! This is one of the best recipes ever! Thanks for posting!

  2. Can't afford a Vitamix...too poor lol. Maybe next year with a tax return but that 5200 is just out of my reach.