Monday, February 25, 2013

Fake...Olive Oil?

I am not sure why I am surprised by this article about masqueraded olive oil. I already know about "funny honey" and I am quite aware of the pink slime that is put into ground beef around the country. For some reason I had a small amount of trust in the olive oil I purchase- maybe because of the price. Expensive usually equals quality, right? Apparently not. What was really shocking is that the above article relates how 100% of imported olive oils that were tested failed to be pure extra virgin olive oil. One hundred percent- that pretty much covers everything. What's extremely sad is that not even the experts could tell the phonies from the real, and the two in-home tests are not fool-proof either. I would love to get in touch with a local farmer that produces olive oil. Anyone know how to find that?

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  1. Being married to a Greek we buy our oil from the Greek deli which we know is imported. Greeks don't mess around with their olive oil.