Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why NOT to Eat Beans & Legumes

Even though on the specific carbohydrate diet eating select dried beans and eating legumes like peanuts is acceptable this article presents some pretty solid arguments on why such should be avoided. Obviously beans and legumes are not allowed on the Paleo/Primal diet and this is one of the biggest differences between the two diets. Here is an interesting article to read if you have the time:

Paleo Diet Lifestyle: What's Wrong with Beans and Legumes


  1. This was a good article. Thanks for sharing! I follow a combination of Paleo and SCD, but it can get confusing sometimes regarding what the best foods are to heal.

    1. Carolyn,
      I tend to do the same thing, mix the diets, that's why I thought this was so interesting. I'm going to cut back on my peanut consumption for sure! Thanks for reading!