Friday, November 9, 2012

Fruit & Veggie Vinegar Wash

Maybe you've heard of this before, but haven't tried it yet- you can use a 4:1 water:vinegar  solution in your kitchen sink to get all the nasty stuff off of your produce. I tried it with some apples and pears and I would do it again. Since my sink is black granite it was really hard to tell if the water had lots of stuff in it after the soak but it felt like to me the apples' waxy coating had started to soften and they felt clean. I love this idea particularly because it's cheap and you can get a lot of produce done all at one time instead of waiting until right before you need to use a food and then trying to rinse it off really fast and dry it. I know they sell fruit & vegetable wash sprays at the grocery store but if you actually take the time to read the ingredients in those there's usually corn of some kind. Corn, in a produce wash- why? Once again, corn really is in everything. Anyways here's a recap of what to do:

Fill your sink up enough so that the produce can be all the way under, 3/4 of it water, 1/4 of it vinegar (or just estimate). Put the fruits and veggies in the mix and let them soak for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse them off and they're ready to use. I hear you can do this with berries too but it's not advisable to let those soak for as long, maybe just give them a good dip- maybe a minute or two.

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