Monday, October 15, 2012

Why You Should Use Whole Milk When Making Yogurt

Last year my naturopathic doctor told me to only use whole milk when I make my own yogurt. He said in second place would be 2%, but whole milk is best, since skim and 1% milk is only what is left over after they take out all the "good stuff" and what is left that they sell as skim milk is also what they make wood glue out of- casein. I laughed it off, thinking he is kind of crazy, but I'll do what he says because he has helped me so far. Since then I have only used organic whole milk, and when possible raw whole milk. It wasn't until recently though, that I thought I would do a little research about his wood glue claim. I found this article that was pretty disturbing. I'm just glad I don't use skimmed milk anymore, it's kinda scary to think about what it does inside your stomach when it mixes with other common household ingredients. I thought you may like to read as well. Here is the link:

How to Make Your Own Strong Casein Wood Glue From Milk

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