Friday, September 21, 2012

Google Translate

Blogging is such a strange concept to me. The fact that I can sit at home, on my little computer, and use my little keyboard, and type whatever in my little mind that I am thinking, and that someone anywhere in the world can type in a few letters in a URL line and read what I put down is astounding. The world is no longer a very big place.  Over the last year or so that I have been blogging, I've noticed that my views from foreign countries are growing. Sometimes there is even a country or two in that list that I have never heard of. Crazy. I hope whoever is reading from over there continues to do so, though. I love people of different nationalities and I love languages. This is why I have added the Google Translate gadget to the side reading pane on the right. (While you're over there please recommend this blog on Google g+1.) For those who do not natively read in English, this should provide a helpful tool. Incredible that there are so many languages listed, and I hope that the translation is fairly accurate. Even though we all live very far apart, we are all human and deal with the same problems. So wether you are reading because you have an illness, are an athlete, or just enjoy my wit (te-he-he), I hope you continue to do so. Thank you all for your support! I enjoy reading your comments more than anything!

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