Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photography Session & Drinking on SCD

Despite the fact that I have been blogging for a number of months now, I have yet to show any of my readers who I am. This is a perfect opportunity since my lovely sister-in-law and her husband were so kind as to take some photographs of my husband and I.

The setting: Fox Theater
The time: Winter
The occasion: My boss has too much money/free tickets
The reason: To party. Why else?

Had this been same time 2011 there is no way I would have felt up to going out on the town, but since SCD has so helped me, we had a really great time. The show itself was mediocre, but the fun was real and these pictures turned out beautifully. No not because my lovely face graced the screen, but because my sister-in-law is really good at what she does. You know how sometimes when you're family decides to do something that not just anybody can do and in the back of your mind you kinda go 'O boy, now I have to pretend to like this'? Well, thankfully, after seeing how good her pictures are on her website {For The Moment Photography} I don't have to pretend, she really is good; we are so proud :)

Anywho, so I got to have a great night out with friends, and while I did not eat anything while I was there I did figure out an SCD-ok alcoholic beverage that was pretty tasty. Here is something you can order at the bar:

Shot of vodka on the rocks with Perrier, and extra lemon (or lime)

Simple, but tasty, and SCD-legal.

So if you live the in St. Louis area and are looking for a photographer, or if you would like to pay for a really good and honest photographer to come shoot you (pun), then visit this website and write Amanda and Dustin an email.

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  1. Aw, thank you Jadah. I have to admit, I blushed a little.