Thursday, March 15, 2012

Artificial Sweeteners = Disease

Yesterday at work someone offered me a piece of chewing gum. A nice gesture, but I of course turned it down. "But why?" I don't eat artificial sweeteners that is why. Even pre-SCD I never was a big fan of them. Logically I thought anything with zero-calories, zero-fat, and zero-any nutritional value that is desirable to eat just seemed like a huge oxymoron. Things like that don't exist in nature. It simply can't be good for you. But recently the correlation between artificial sweeteners and disease is becoming much clearer. I wasn't alive in the '80s but apparently prior to this decade aspartame was illegal and now fake sweeteners, including aspartame, are in they are in 25% of all foods. It's sad that money/politics (to me they are synonymous) can make a poison legally into literally candy. I found this article to be interesting, and you may also: Artificial Sweetener Disease

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