Sunday, November 13, 2011

Question: Stomach Noises?

This is less of a post and more of a Q & A with no A yet...Lately my stomach/lower gut area has been making extremely loud noises- gurgling, whining, and sometimes just crying. I know this is "normal" for a person with Crohn's but I have never had this problem before until recently. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what this means? I'm hoping it is the sound of healing but I fear it is the sound of my condition getting worse :/ eek...
I have tried to do some research on this but it has been to no avail. Any help/ thoughts would be much appreciated.
Thank you,

ADDENDUM: I now have the answer!
I went to my naturalist doctor and asked him this very question, he said unfortunately those noises are from food sitting undigested in the intestinal tract and that the fermentation process is making the noises. Totally gross, but I can very well see how that is true- after all think of all of the gases that are created during the wine making process, but if there is no where for those to go, I imagine they just roll around the intestines making noises.
This is gross, but it is a relief to know what is going on.


  1. At first, I'm worried about stomach noises that I experienced lately. When I, consult a doctor, he said that it is just a normal thing and I should not worry too much.

  2. Well I am most certainly not a doctor, so definitely do not take my word over his, but what kind of noises are coming out of your stomach, and in what part- upper, lower? If your doctor says you are fine and the noises are the only symptom you have then things are probably ok.

  3. I got those noises a lot when I wasn't doing so well. Good to know what they really were from. I knew they couldn't be good. Mine was a rumbling much like a stomach growl but it came from more my back side. :(

  4. Hello! I am new to the paleo diet (6 days in) but I have noticed these gurgling noises starting yesterday and they were still there this morning when I woke up! I'm not necessarily rand they aren't painful but what do they mean? I don't understand your doctor's answer: What am I meant to do about it? Will it just go away or is there something I should change in my diet to help it go away? Is all this undigested food that I am 'accumulating' coming from the paleo diet? If so, does that mean I should no longer do paleo? Sorry for all the questions! I hope you can help :) x

    1. Hi Annabel,
      You are six days in, so not all of your symptoms will dissipate so quickly. It really depends on what you are personally sensitive to as to what is going to cause digestive issues for you, including these noises. I suggest keeping with the Paleo diet and see if they resolve on their own. If not, I would consult a naturopathic doctor for more assistance.