Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Ingredient Buffalo Sauce

So far the only two condiments that I have found to be SCD legal are mustard and hot sauce (specific brands of both). Of course the mix and match possibilities are endless with spices, yogurt, and other things but they take creativity and time to prepare. But then I remembered back to my first job being a hostess at a small restaurant. For some reason one morning as I went to work, walking through the back of the house I noticed a large pot of boiling red sauce with a large block of yellow floating in it. I must have had a strange expression on my face because one of the cooks explained it was buffalo sauce-
hot sauce and butter. Ever since then I have been able to make my own buffalo sauce. I don't quite know what I used to think buffalo sauce was made out of but I doubt I thought it was that simple. So recently I realized that both butter and hot sauce are SCD legal! Yay- the buffalo possibilities are endless: chicken, steak, pork, dare I You decide.

2/3 parts melted butter
1/3 part hot sauce

adjust according to your spicy liking.

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