Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Sugar Added SCD Legal Bacon

A few months ago, shortly after starting the diet, as I was working my way up through the phases, I realized that my quest for finding sugar-free bacon was almost impossible. I looked everywhere that I thought would be reasonable to carry such a food: Whole Foods grocery, Trader Joe's grocery, even the local farmer's market bacon was cured with sugar! Why these companies do so is beyond me. Isn't bacon good enough with just its crispy, greasy self? I mean really, who can taste the added sugar in the bacon? I know when I used to eat regular bacon it tasted, well, like bacon- not like sweet bacon. So even though Elaine said that eating this "regular" sugar cured bacon is for some reason ok to do once a week if fried very crisply, I chose not to do so. So where did I end up stumbling upon this beloved sugar-free pork goodness?
At the grocery store I was shopping at every week. It's called Dierberg's and it is a local chain in the St. Louis area. Perhaps you can request this specific brand at your local grocer. I was so excited to find this treasure! Now I don't feel guilty about an occasional bacon fix. Although I do not recommend eating this super often, as there is very little nutritional value to pork fat, and we all know what bacon does to the waistline, I am thankful that this option is available near me. I hope you have success in finding the like. And in case you are wondering, it tastes the same a sugar-cured bacon.


  1. The only really good option I've been able to find in either the natural food store or the chain markets that I shop in is an uncured bacon from Organic Prairie. It's super tasty, and it has the added bonus that I know what all the ingredients are! You can buy it online, but only in ridiculous quantities. Maybe you can find it (or request it!) at Whole Foods?

  2. Hi Jadah! I found your website and am pouring over the whole thing, hence a comment on a post from 2011! I got really excited when you mentioned Dierberg's and St. Louis, because that is where I shop and live, respectively. I was diagnosed with UC 26 years ago, and started on SCD at the end of October. I can tell there are some things I need to tweak, but I have noticed a change for the better. So glad to have found your site! Thanks for sharing all this awesome information and delicious recipes.

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