Thursday, September 15, 2011

Perfect Mushrooms

For years the ability to saute perfect mushrooms has alluded me. Until now. I always get excited when I am reading "regular diet" magazine and cookbooks and come across a recipe that does not have to be adapted the be SCD safe. And so I came across the September issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine in which there is a recipe card for sauteed mushrooms- the ingredients all of which are A-OK on the specific carb diet. This recipe is also relatively inexpensive to make since I bough an entire carton of mushrooms on sale for $1 last week. So here is how it goes:
Take 1 carton of mushrooms- unsliced
heat a pan to medium-high heat
add about a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan
then add the mushrooms and let them caramelize for about 5 minutes- do not
stir them
then flip them around and let the other side brown for about another 3 or 4 minutes
add 1 clove of garlic- thinly sliced and some oregano (or thyme)
let the combo saute at medium heat until the garlic lightly browns
then add about 1/4 cup of white wine
saute until the wine evaporates

Then...ta-daaa! You have delicious mushrooms as a side or a tasty vegetarian main dish. My mistake in previous attempts to cook mushrooms was my lack of patience. I would always flip and stir the 'shrooms until I thought they looked dark enough to eat, and I always added too much oil. By not stirring the mushrooms they are allowed to caramelize and not loose any of their juices. The pictures are from my poor quality phone so you probably cannot tell, but when you cut into these after you cook them appropriately the effect is like a juicy steak that was allowed to sit for a while before being sliced. The mushrooms literally have juices and, wow, even my husband complimented me! Enjoy!

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