Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacationing on SCD

So recently I went out of state (10 hours in a car one-way) to visit some family. I was anxious about the trip not because of the ride or the people, but because this was the first trip I had taken on SCD. I planned out as much as I could. I made extra batches of cooked fruit- some to take down with me in a large cooler, and some so when I got back my refrigerator would be stocked and I would not be stuck cooking for days as soon as I got back from vacation. Also did the same with yogurt. Making an entire new batch and leaving it in my refrigerator- taking enough for two days in a container in my cooler- and bringing my Yogormet with me to make some while I was down South. The food turned out well and stayed cold and fresh. I actually made way too much, but is that really ever a problem? No. Anyways, the worst part was the ten hour car ride down. Raisins were frequented as snacks but I had to eat at least two meals on the road. On the way down I brought a chicken breast from the night before and cut it up on top of a Wendy's berry almond chicken salad (hold the almond, chicken, and dressing). Also brought some olive oil and apple cider vinegar that I used for dressing. That went well. Then that evening for dinner we stopped at a Publix grocery store. Made it in perfect time because as soon as I was finished raiding the salad bar they wrapped it up for the night. It was a great idea to stop at a grocery store because They had everything separated and fresh. I picked my greens, toppings,  and fruit. It was very nice. On the way back we left at 2 AM so I really only had to eat one meal- I made sure to have prepared some meat the night before to top another salad. One place I did find on vacation that is about as accommodating as a restaurant can be for an SCD'er was surprisingly Ruby Tuesday's. My family centers around food, so it was inevitable that they wanted to go out to eat for at least one meal while I was there. I reluctantly picked Ruby Tuesday's because I figured if all else failed I could eat a very plain salad to hold me over until I got back to the house to make my own lunch. When I inquired with the waiter about food allergies and special preparation I was shocked when he handed me 4 separate menus all for different allergies. One was soy free, the others, gluten, nut,  and dairy. By putting a few of them together I figured out I could order a steak with no seasoned butter and be safe. Also it was brunch and the waiter checked and told me that the eggs they use are freshly cracked with nothing added but cheddar cheese. So I also got cheesy eggs. For the side I substituted potatoes with spaghetti squash which he said they cut in half, bake, and then scoop out the insides. He also said "it's very plain." Which I actually liked to hear since that meant no flavor = no extra crap. He was right. All in all I felt like a semi-normal person after the food came out and my plate had more than one item and none of them were lettuce leaves. It was nice to eat as a family out of the house. I will go there again for special occasions when I do not want to cook. So that was a few weeks ago and now that I am back home (after watching a documentary on juicing) I have decided that I want a Vitamix blender. They are super expensive but they have a 30 day money back guarantee. I just ordered one and I figure if I don't use it a lot within the next month then I'll just send it back. Hope it helps to make SCD a little more interesting. It is supposed to break the food down into way smaller pieces than an average blender, therefore making food easier to digest. That would be nice. I will keep you posted as to how it works out.

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