Saturday, July 30, 2011

Effects of Antibiotics on SCD

So yesterday I failed to mention that along with the pain and agony accompanying my wisdom tooth removal my dentist also wrote a prescription for me to take an antibiotic for ten days, Amoxicillin 500 to be specific. I did some research online about antibiotics and SCD and came to the conclusion that if your doctor says to take it, take it, but if you can get out of taking them, try to avoid antibiotics at all costs because you are basically taking a bulldozer directly to the mansion you have been trying to build since you started the diet. So I figured it would be way more terrible to have this tooth socket get infected and potentially lead to my death (worse case scenario, yes) than the pain of having to rebuild by gut flora.
I took three antibiotics, six hours apart, and you guessed it- I was right back on the toilet having pains I hadn't felt in quite a while. I got crampy, depressed, and tired. Some of which I am still feeling. So I called my dentist and said, "long story short, I have Crohn's and am on a special diet trying to cure it. This medicine is making my stomach very upset. Is there anything we can do?" The dentist was understanding and said the antibiotics are preventative so it was my choice to stop them or not. If I did there were just some things to keep an eye out for and if I noticed anything I am to start taking the pills right away again. After I hung up the phone I had the biggest sigh of relief! I can't believe the strong effect that I felt from just a few pills. The SCD keeps your body at such a high that it is hard for me to imagine that it's necessary to ever have to take antibiotics because of illness other than something like what I described above. I hope I never have to. Lesson learned- stay off antibiotics unless you are going to die without them, because when you take them, you'll be back to feeling like you are dying. (note: I'm not a doctor, so if you are looking for medical advice, I cannot help you. This is just my personal experience)

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