Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Healthy Diet Purchase Ever!!

I am so excited because earlier this week UPS delivered my Vitamix! Yay! It's always nice getting little presents in the mail but this one was especially great. I have only had it for a few days and I have literally used it dozens of time. I have made 5 or 6 different kinds of smoothies and juices, soup, and homemade sorbet! And it's only day 3. Normally I'm not big on pushing brand/items to "help make your life simpler" but this machine is great. Can you sense my excitement? The great thing about the Vitamix is that it uses all of the food you put into it (unlike juicers, which leave the majority of your fruits and veg to be pitched in the form of pulp) so you get all the nutrients that the food has to offer. I even borrowed a friend of mine's Jack LaLane juicer and after one use I gave it back. So glad I didn't buy one. Don't waste your money on a juicer! You end up throwing away more of your produce than what is used! Big waste of nutrients not to mention money! I did a lot of research before making this purchase, because, let's face it, a Vitamix is an investment, but as I was reading through their online brochure I really appreciated the research that was done that showed the Vitamix acually breaks down food more than just chewing and therefore we get more antioxidants and nutrients out of the whole food. Now obviously I am doing this whole food diet for health reasons (Chron's- btw I am feeling great!) but I realize that EVERYONE can benefit from this way of eating. It is hard to make the transition from mainstream fast-food-mentality but after the first month you realize how much better you feel and that anything is worth the price. Processed, packaged foods now disgust me (I never thought I would say that) and I rarely have any cravings. The sorbet I made last night had 3 ingredients- frozen strawberries, yogurt, and honey, and it was the first frozen treat I have had in months. It was so good. I could taste the freshness and so appreciated that I knew every single thing that I was eating. The Vitamix comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not like it, but that is not going to apply in my house. I think if I had to choose a few items to bring with me if I knew my house was on fire, I would probably grab this machine. I read you can even make eggs in it. Handy if for some reason my stovetop doesn't work. And earlier when I mentioned that it makes soup- I mean that sincerely (any blender can mix up some already made soup) my Vitamix can take ingredients from raw to cooked in six minutes (the blades produce heat after that long). Also heard this machine makes wonderful hummus, pesto sauce, ice creams, breads, waffles/pancakes, assorted nut butters, (nut and grain flours if you get the dry blade container), salsa, margaritas (ice doesn't stand a chance- I honestly think Starbucks uses Vitamixers for their frozen drinks). Also grates, grinds, shreds, pulverizes, beats, and mixes all veggies and fruits. Check out for more info. Also if you have any any any questions please leave a comment or call! I am sincere in telling you that this Vitamix is helping me so much with my whole foods way of life and in improving my health! I honestly have a friend that cured her breast cancer by eating only fruits and vegetables and her Vitamix was a key component to that recovery. That is actually the first time I had ever heard of the company. If you do decide to buy one please use my affiliate code listed below for free shipping. Consider it $25 off, since Vitamix does not give out discount codes or coupons. And if a new one is too pricey look at their refurbished ones (that's what I did). They have a company-backed 5 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee! Can order online follow my link below:

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  1. Vitamix gives you free shipping

    1. Only when you have my affiliate code!! Clicking on any of my above links will automatically fill that information in to your cart at checkout. Thanks for reading!