Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bad Day for My Mouth

Today I had a wisdom tooth extracted. Yes, it was terrible; and will remain to be so for the next week at least. At the moment (four hours after the procedure) my mouth is still numb from the local anesthetic which I think is half because I got 4 shots of it and half because the rest of my body realizes that when it completely wears off tears may literally just fall from my eyes and my legs will collapse due to the sheer shock of pain. But enough whining. Lately I have been making some pretty tasty stuff (even my husband says so) which I would not have thought would be true five months ago when I started SCD. One of the things that apprehended me from initiating the SCD was the fact that I though from day one forward all of my meals were going to be banal and tasteless, consisting of the same few ingredients that would all one day just blend together and I would really only need one taste bud. But quite the contrary has happened. I have actually become an even better cook than I was to begin with, and yes I tend to use a lot of the same ingredients and spices over and over again but each time, with each cooking method and combination there is a new flavor born. I'm also finding that many recipes I once loved I can still enjoy with just a few tweaks. A recipe doesn't have to be listed as SCD friendly in order for me to make it so, and for it to still taste good. For instance I made broccoli cheese soup last night and it was good. Here is what I did:

boil 2 florets of broccoli until just tender-crisp, do not cook until mush.
Put one cup of yogurt into Vitamix
Add one cup shredded cheddar cheese
Add one tablespoon of chicken stock
Add spices to taste (I use white pepper, salt, and dried onion)
Add the broccoli

And blend for about 7 minutes. The machine will start to steam and voila! I had fresh, wholesome soup that tasted divine. Next time I will save some broccoli and just blend for about 15 seconds on low speed to make it a little chunky.

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  1. Thank you! That sounds really good.