Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are Your Spices Safe?

I appreciate fellow SCD-er Paul's email about how my spices may be illegal. Sneaking in added ingredients like corn starch as an anti-caking agent or otherwise. I have however emailed the companies I get my spices from and here are their emails in reply:

This is the email from The Spice Hunter:

The Spice Hunter products do not contain: artificial, FD&C colors,
artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives,
Monosodium glutamate (MSG), hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, hydrogenated
oils, or irradiated ingredients. 
Our spices, herbs, and blends do not contain wheat or gluten as an added
ingredient. They are gluten-free, except our Grill Shakers Rib
Seasoning. We do have other wheat containing products that are made in
our facility. 
Our spice blends are blended on shared equipment. We also have soup cups
containing wheat made in our facility. The equipment is thoroughly
cleaned in between blends. Because of the shared equipment, there is a
small possibility of cross-contamination.
All of our products are manufactured in the same building. We have an
Allergen Control Program which prevents cross-contamination of allergens
from our meal cups to our non-allergen products.
See below for lists of Spice Hunter products which contain, or may
contain, gluten: 
Spice Hunter Products which Contain Wheat Gluten:
5930 Chicken Noodle Soup 
5934 Spicy Thai Noodle Soup
5963 Miso Udon Soup
5964 Hot & Sour Soup
5984 Reduced Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup
5985 Reduced Sodium Miso Udon Soup
5986 Reduced Sodium Spicy Thai Noodle Soup
5988 Minestrone Soup
5989 Spring Onion Soup 
2183 Grill Shakers Rib Seasoning 
Spice Hunter Products which May Contain Wheat Gluten:
5931 Chipotle Black Bean Soup 
5932 Curry Lentil Soup 
5933 Chicken Vegetable Soup
5938 Split Pea Soup
5965 Beef Barley Vegetable Soup
5981 Reduced Sodium Chipotle Black Bean Soup
5982 Reduced Sodium Curry Lentil Soup
5983 Reduced Sodium Split Pea Soup
5987 Green Chile & White Bean Soup
The following products use silicon dioxide as a processing aid to
prevent caking.  The silicon dioxide is used at a maximum of 2%.
1120  Cajun Creole Seasoning Blend
1183  Celery Salt Blend
1200  Chile Pepper, New Mexico, Ground
1218 Chili Powder Blend
1873  Cowboy BBQ Rub Blend
1330 Curry Seasoning Blend
1335 Curry, Indian Hot, Blend
1355 Fajita Seasoning
1405  Garlic Herb Bread Blend
1720  Garlic Pepper Blend
1453  Jamaican Jerk Blend
1748  Key Lime Pepper Blend
1535  Mesquite Seasoning Blend
1650  Paprika, Sweet, Ground
1656  Paprika, Smoked, Ground
1660  Pasta Seasoning Blend
1835  Poultry Grill & Broil Blend
1935  Seafood Grill & Broil Blend
1945  Steak & Chop Grill & Broil Blend
1957  Thai Seasoning Blend
2020  The Zip Blend-Mild
2181  Grill Shakers Hamburger
2184  Grill Shakers Hickory
2182  Grill Shakers Pork (Garlic Pepper)
2188  Grill Shakers Poultry
2183  Grill Shakers Ribs
5965  Beef Barley Vegetable   5963  Miso Udon
5930  Chicken Noodle                      5934  Spicy Thai
5933  Chicken Vegetable         5984  Reduced Sodium
Chicken Noodle
5932  Curry Lentil    5982  Reduced Sodium
Curry Lentil
5987  Green Chile & White Bean  5985  Reduced Sodium Miso Udon
5964  Hot & Sour          5986  Reduced
Sodium Spicy Thai
5988  Minestrone                               
Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for
your interest in The Spice Hunter.  You may see all of our products, and
place an order at www.spicehunter.com. 
Customer Service Representative
The Spice Hunter, Inc.
 This is the email from Tone's the maker of Tone's spices, Spice Islands, and Weber Grill Creations:

Thanks for contacting ACH Food, Inc.
I'm sorry we are unable to send a letter to you. 
All of our single spices do not have added ingredients so will not have a separate ingredient statement. 
If ingredients have been added (besides the term spices) in blends, those ingredients will be listed on the label. 
When you see the term "spices" on our product labels, that refers to spices only.
We appreciate your interest and hope you will continue to enjoy our products. 
Consumer Affairs
ACH Food, Inc."

I realize that companies can lie, and they want you to buy their product no matter what, but I feel that I can
trust these companies that I have contacted. Even just looking at their products, they look whole.
I may be wrong, but this is just what I have found. Hope this helps! 


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